World of Warcraft Unisol Ranks

The rank system for Unisol in World of Warcraft is primarily based around the type of content a member is engaging in with the guild.

This isn't to say that someone who is listed as a Mythic Raider cannot also be actively involved in guild PvP, it is simply that the Mythic raider rank may have more in game "perks" than another rank.

From an outside the game perspective and through our discord bot, a member may certainly be a member of multiple guild "ranks" which should be more considered as active activities rather than the traditional climb to the top type rank system often used in other games/guilds.

Commander/Cmd Alts/Officer

These ranks are solely for the use of members who provide in game functions which require specific access to things such as bank tabs and the ability to promote/demote other members.

An officer may have their alts placed into the same rank if the functions they preform need to be done across any of their characters.

Mythic Raider

Progression Mythic raiders must meet a demanding set of standards as set out in the rules section for Mythic Raiders.

As each mythic team is limited to 20 members, you can hold this rank by being prepared to come to a schedules mythic raid, without actually taking part in the raid.

We are looking at ways to both maximise guild progression whilst allowing as many keen members the opportunity to participate as possible.

Rated PvP

To meet the requirements of this rank, members must maintain a rating, and participate in a set number of guild PvP events as set out in the rules section for Rated PvP.

Heroic Raider

To meet the requirements of this rank, members must maintain their character to the standards set out in the rules section for Heroic Raiders.

Active Member

Any member that participates at least weekly in some form of guild activity can be an Active Member.

Examples of Guild activity could be things such as unplanned guild pvp, guild Mythic+ keys, Normal raids etc.

Casual Member

New members and anyone who has been online more recently than the AFG threshold below, that do not regularly participate in guild activities, will be Casual Members.

Recruit / Away from Guild (AFG)

Anyone initially joining Unisol will automatically be placed into this rank along with anyone who has not logged in for over one month.

Any member in this rank who has been offline for over six months (or sooner if guild numbers are at capacity) may be removed from the guild.

If a member is removed for inactivity they are welcome to join again if/when they come back to the game again.