What is Unisol?

First and foremost we are a community for gamers young and old that helps provide both a more entertaining gaming experience through mateship, common goals, social experiences, tournaments & the odd giveaway to name a few things.

We have existed in some form since around 1998, where we were a team of competitive tournament players in the early emergence of Network gaming with games like Quake 2, Counter Strike, Warcrat 2 & Command and Conquer.
Within a year we were setting up and running LAN Parties for our local communities in an age where we would install and remove network cards each party as they were generally out of the price range for technically still children to afford at the time.
As years passed we became more focussed towards MMORPGs at a time when the thought of Oceanic Server was all but a dream. Sometimes we would role our own guild in game or sometime we would be "affiliated" with a specific guild in a game and to date we have been involved in a reasonable capacity in MMOs like Lineage 2, Darkfall, Mortal Online, Archage, World of Warcraft, RIFT, Elder Scrolls Online.
As we move to the future we realise that as some of our veterans now have gaming children following in their footsteps, the gaming community scene is a changing one. Gone are the days where Bulletin Boards, Forums, Voice "Only" Servers were the pinnacle of a modern guilds resources. As we stand along side our upcoming pro gamers we have also made the concious effort to make the phase shift towards a wider range of social platform content and entertainment to once again allow members to have a feeling of strength and honor in any game we play under the Unisol banner.

Our Mission

"Many feet, One Force"

The Universal Soldiers (Unisol) is to create guild chapters in multiple games in order to bring greater enjoyment to all members, give hardcore members a like minded group to push ahead with and casual members the opportunity to experience all aspects of a games features that may otherwise be out of reach without our support.

Unisol members come from diverse backgrounds and whilst we believe political correctness is often taken too far, we do not tolerate toxicity towards each other or towards the greater gaming community.
Let our strength show as the response to the negative side of gaming and through our action may our members always bring honor to the guild.

Current Focus

We came, We saw, We planned for the future.

In our reworking of guild direction, Unisol focus is currently set on four main tasks. This does not however mean we aren't open to other things if our members/potential members raise more suggestions.

Ashes of Creation is still not likely to launch until 2019/2020 although with good chances to have Alpha and Beta access (some of us already guaranteed) our planning and recruitment phase is happening now.
Firm in game guild roles will not be fully locked in until closer to launch although in the mean time we are open recruiting and accepting all new members help in management and recruiting tasks with effort now going a long way to securing roles of responsibility once the game launches.

World of Warcraft (Frostmourne - Horde)Since the beginning back in vanila wow we have had some form of prescence in World of warcraft. Starting on Arthas and then when Oceanic servers became available moving to Frostmourne.
With Battle for Azeroth we are keen to expand on the Raid successes of the early Legion expansion and also expand to put forward dominant PvP and Mythic+ groups also.

For a long time now we have moved away from our FPS roots which is why we would like to find interested parties to Manage, Train and Grow an Overwatch wing of Unisol. Until we raise our regular revenue this will focus around competitive seasons with the long term goal of both running tournaments as well as having our teams compete in tournaments on the world stage.

Our third focus in on Social Media and Entertainment creation. As we get our social platforms polished we will need to focus on both creating content as well as recruiting new talent that wishes to stream and/or create content on an adhoc basis with the end goal being a social team able to rotate through regular streams to keep our members entertained and engaged even when they can't actually be gaming with us.

Want to join/help?

Community just isn't the same without u

If you would like to discuss whether we might be the right guild/community for you, or what you might be able to do to strengthen us, simply get in touch either through one of our social media links or via officers@unisolguild.com.

Core Values

  • Strength of character
  • Respect earned through action
  • Teamwork together we suceed
  • Professional strive for excellence

We want an enviroment enjoyable for all and as such their is no room for toxic behaviour amongst members. Always remember that under the Unisol banner even individual actions modify how we are portrayed by others.