We are currently in the process of writing some pretty cool functionality into the site to make both our officers and members lives easier.

As it is a work in progress you may find heaps of shiny looking enticing buttons that you excitedly click on...... and nothing happens....

This is probably because we are doing something you should never do, working on the live production server directly. Which means we are probably working on functionality, have the visuals ready to go, but haven't quite ironed out enough bugs to allow it to be used by the masses yet.

If you do happen to come across something that isn't working the way you think it should, get in touch with RhinoFireweaver via discord so that we know the end of the world may be happening if we don't get our act together.

Other than that if you are a current member of Unisol feel free to register your account and you will be ready to take advantage of site features (and discord bot features) as they become available.